About Brian

I’m a business communications director at Heartland Community Church in Medina, Ohio. I’m trying my best to figure out how to be a great husband and a good father. I’ve worked in online marketing for the past 12 years with a focus and passion for helping people build awesome websites that help their businesses and brands grow. 

I started my career building websites as a side hustle until I was lucky enough to find a home at an online marketing firm. For five years I learned under some of the best marketing directors in the world. It was during these five years I saw how great design and excellent content could work together to tell a business’s story to its customers.

After five years my wife became very sick and I was unable to meet the demands of the fast pace in-office culture of an agency. Life’s circumstances moved me towards branching out on my own with a smaller list of my own clients that I could help while also having the flexibility to work from home to better support my family.


Over time my wife’s cancer became a memory and the small list of clients has grown. I now spend most of my time helping lead marketing and communications for our business, while still helping business owners create websites and marketing plans that help their companies. 

I reside in Medina, Ohio with my wife and two young daughters. Any given day you may find me coding, cleaning, or just doing the best I can to keep up with them!

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